How Prepared are You for Political Service?

What if you could learn to...

  • Build the practices and skills needed to thrive in political life

  • Determine if you are called to and prepared for political life

  • Balance the needs of your family and community while in office

  • Integrate your ethics and politics in acceptable ways

  • Become an agent of change and renewal in your city

  • Apply the lessons learned from seasoned leaders and public servants

Welcome to the Lead Well Leadership Course!

The vision of Lead Well Leadership is to build Christian statesmen & stateswomen with the character and leadership foundations needed to renew the culture of politics in Canada.

How the Course Works

The Lead Well Leadership Course includes the following accelerated learning features:

  • 7 eLearning Video Modules with on-demand video lessons are activated each month starting in late October until May the following year. Seven areas of personal and leadership development are covered to specifically prepare you for a leadership role in political life.
  • Over 35 Video Lessons deliver principles and practices in a brief "TED Talk" style that are proven to develop effective skills and wise behaviours for political life and leadership.
  • eLearning Platform that is known for delivering creative and effective online courses to over 10 million students globally (Canadian company

The Instruction for the course is uniquely delivered by: 

  • 7 Course Instructors who are a principled class of leadership experts with extensive experience in wise leadership practices essential for political life and leadership. 
  • Case Study Interviews with Political Leaders that help illustrate the best practices necessary to thrive in political life. 
  • Live Activation Webinars after each module to invite interaction between course participants and the instructors and/or coaches to facilitate mentoring. 
  • Discussion Group using a chat tool to encourage peer discussion, activation of the practices, and encouragement to meet your growth goals.

Other Tools in the course to enhance learning are: 

  • Leadership Assessments provide participants with a baseline or DNA profile of their leadership strengths and opportunities for growth.
  • Personal Development Plans are introduced to help you define, self-manage, and pursue the growth you need to succeed in political life.
  • Political Application Projects in your local community during the course are essential, like volunteering with an MPP/MLA or joining a Riding Association, to help you apply the practices. 
  • Assignments & Actions within each module bring the needed reflection, personalization, and application of the teaching into your own decisions and actions.

If you have been asking yourself: "How do I learn to lead effectively once I arrive in public office?"  then this course is for you!  


  • Top Course Instructors

    Learn from leading experts with extensive experience in wise leadership practices.

  • Key Strategies

    Receive the tools and strategies that top Canadian organizations, including numerous Fortune 500 companies, use to develop their executive leaders.

  • Political Case Studies

    Learn from current and experienced politicians to illustrate political life and leadership success factors.


  • How does the course prepare me for Political Life?

    The course will cover 7 key areas of personal and leadership best practices that are essential for those preparing for public service and political leadership roles. You will develop your ability to lead well in political environments when you... Learn to pursue God’s kingdom above your own (Module 1); Fulfill your destiny to lead by managing your personal growth (Module 2); Learn to change yourself as a prerequisite to helping others change (Module 3); Make ethical decisions amidst competing agendas & expectations (Module 4); Ensure your family and relational strengths & priorities (Module 5); Build teams with strong personal character (Module 6); and Lead a transformational vision & strategy (Module 7).

  • What qualifies this course as Top in its Class?

    The course integrates proven transformational and leadership principles with innovative practices valuable for political leadership. This is a one-of-a-kind course that integrates Christian values with the leadership strategies and tools made available to the top Canadian organizations to develop executive leaders, including numerous Fortune 500 companies. It also leverages the lessons learned over the past two decades from a select group of character-driven leaders who have served alongside 1000s of emerging and executive leaders, including many who serve in political roles.


"Accelerated learning"

Bryan Elliott, CEO of Consolidated Energy Solutions

"The results were amazing! This accelerated learning methodology prepared an emerging leader under my direction to grow in leadership presence, confidence and focus resulting in a much greater impact both internally and externally. I highly recommend the Lead Well Leadership program."

"No better organization"

Deb MacLelland, onBOARD Training

"Preparing to become elected is one thing. Preparing for life after election is another. Having worked with elected officials for the past two decades, I know some of the pressures that they face on a daily basis. I cannot think of a better organization than Leading Influence to guide someone in this process!"

A "Kingdom-Class" Program

Keith Knight, Canadian Christian Business Federation

"Leading Influence has done it again. Their Lead Well Leadership course is a "kingdom-class" mentoring and training program designed to transform lives and massage character... Lead Well is designed to instill integrity, wisdom and knowledge into the hearts and minds of those men and women about to enter their political careers."

Delivers Results

  • Gain greater self-awareness about your strengths, and build stronger character, influence and leadership impact

  • Obtain certainty regarding your destiny, core values, and the integrity that informs effective leadership

  • Create an accelerated leadership development plan that helps you to self-manage your personal growth and realize your political service goals

  • Develop transformational and leadership capabilities by engaging in a local application project to help transform your community

  • Become a talent developer on your team, growing the abilities of those you lead and work within public service

  • Transform your own leadership so you know how to lead transformation in others, in your workplace, in your community

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Lead Well Leadership

    • Welcome to the Course

    • Tips to Get the Most out of the Course

  • 2

    Module 1 - Kingdom Leadership in Politics (October)

    • Introduction to Module 1 and Tim Schindel

    • Video Lesson 1 - The Kingdom and Partisan Politics (by Tim Schindel)

    • Video Lesson 2 - Updating the Operating System

    • Video Lesson 3 - Unleashing Your Leadership SuperPower

    • Video Case Study – Interview with Politician (TBA)

    • Video Lesson 4 - The Road Less Travelled

    • Video Lesson 5 - A More Excellent Way

    • ACTIONS- Complete the LeaderPOP Assessment

    • Live Activation Zoom Webinar Module 1 Invite

  • 3

    Module 2 - Personal Leadership in Politics (November)

    • Introduction to Module 2 and Glem Dias

    • Video Lesson 1 - Introduction to Personal Development Planning (by Glem Dias)

    • Video Lesson 2 - The Context for Development Planning

    • Video Lesson 3 – The Key Differentiators of High Impact Development Plans

    • Video Case Study – Political Interview

    • Video Lesson 4 - Destiny Questions

    • Video Lesson 5 - Destiny Principles

    • Video Lesson 6 - Destiny Window to Frame the Context

    • Video Lesson 7 - Building your Development Plan

    • Video Lesson 8 - Activating Your Development Plan

    • Live Activation Zoom Webinar Module 2 Invite

  • 4

    Module 3 - Transformational Leadership in Politics (January)

    • Introduction to Module 3 and Marv Franz

    • Video Intro - Transformational Leadership in Politics (by Marv Franz)

    • Video Lesson 1 - The Power of Servant Leadership

    • Video Lesson 2 – Adopt an Empowerment Mindset

    • Video Lesson 3 - See Yourself as an Agent of Transformation

    • Video Lesson 4 - Shape a Vision for Good

    • Video Lesson 5 - Inspiring a Strong Sense of Community

    • Video Lesson 6 - Adopting a Resilient Mindset

    • Video Case Study – Interview with Politician

    • Live Activation Zoom Webinar Module 3 Invite

  • 5

    Module 4 - Moral Leadership in Politics (February)

    • Introduction to Module 4 and Sharon Gaetz

    • Video Lesson - Introducing Moral Leadership

    • Video Lesson 1 - Relational Integrity to Secure Trust

    • Video Lesson 2 - Financial Integrity To Protect Reputations

    • Video Lesson 3 - Sexual Integrity to Ensure Safe Work

    • Video Case Study – Interview with Politician, Chuck Strahl

    • Live Activation Zoom Webinar Module 4 Invite

  • 6

    Module 5 - Relational Leadership in Politics (March)

    • Introduction to Module 5 and Jason Goertzen

    • Video Lesson 1 - Marriage & Family Priorities

    • Video Case Study – Interview with Politician

    • Video Lesson 2 - Fruit of Healthy Working Relationships

    • Video Lesson 3 - Thriving in Environments of Relational Adversity

    • Video Case Study – Interview with Politician

    • Live Activation Zoom Webinar Module 5 Invite

  • 7

    Module 6 - Character Leadership in Politics (April)

    • Introduction to Module 6 and Dr. Scott Francis

    • Video Lesson 1 - Defining Character

    • Video Lesson 2 - Tend to Our Compassion

    • Video Lesson 3 - Tend the Ego

    • Video Lesson 4 - Tend to Our Shadows

    • Video Case Study – Interview with Politician

    • Video Lesson 5 - Tend to Our Ideology

    • Live Activation Zoom Webinar Module 6 Invite

  • 8

    Module 7 - Strategic Leadership in Politics (May)

    • Introduction to Module 7 and Brian Beattie

    • Video Case Study - The Brantford Transformation Story

    • Video Lesson 1 - Introduction to City Transformation

    • Video Lesson 2 - City Transformation Timeline (Steps 1 – 3)

    • Video Lesson 3 - City Transformation Timeline (Steps 4 – 5)

    • Video Lesson 4 - City Transformation Timeline (Steps 6 - 7)

    • Video Lesson 5 - City Transformation Timeline (Steps 8 – 10)

    • Video Lesson 6 – City Transformation Timeline Conclusion

    • Video Case Study – Interview with Politician

    • Live Activation Zoom Webinar Module 7 Invite

  • 9

    Before you Go

    • Follow-up with Leading Influence

Meet the Instructors


Glem Dias

Glem is the CEO of Glem Dias & Associates, and an award-winning leadership and talent strategist. He has advised CEOs, executives and board members on leadership strategy at Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurial and social enterprises. He has worked across 25 industry sectors and has coached and guided the careers of over 500 executives, entrepreneurs and emerging leaders in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America. He is a keynote speaker at leadership conferences and has facilitated over 200 workshops for leaders on a global basis. He was selected for his thought leadership in talent strategy by the Federal Government of Canada to serve on their Advisory Committee. Glem is married to Vinny and lives in Mississauga, Ontario.


Jason Goertzen

Jason is the Leading Influence Chaplain in the BC Legislature. Jason has over 20 years of pastoral experience including 13 years at Lifetree Church in Victoria. Jason has a proven commitment to community involvement and service as both a Sr. Boys High Basketball Coach and Business Manager for the Victoria Eagles Premier Baseball team. Jason is married to Christine, has three adult children and lives in Victoria, BC.


Scott Francis

Scott is a professional leadership coach and consultant. With 16 years of experience, he helps executives and organizational leaders to increase productivity, effective management, and corporate culture. He works extensively with corporate clients, as well as those in the public and non-profit sectors. Scott holds his Ph.D. in Leadership Studies from Gonzaga University and his M.A. in Organizational Leadership & Management. Scott is married and lives near Regina, SK.


Sharon Gaetz

Sharon is the former Mayor of Chilliwack, BC (2008-2018), and enjoys providing leadership in community engagement and civic governance. As a former pastor, school trustee, city councilor, and the first female mayor in the history of the City of Chilliwack, Sharon is known for her passion, vision, tenacity, and humor. She has served as the President of the Lower Mainland Local Government Association of British Columbia and was elected by her peers to the Presidents’ Committee of the Union of BC Municipalities. Sharon is married to Jim and they live in Chilliwack, BC.


Brian Beattie

Brian is a husband, father, author, speaker, and visionary leader. He is the National Director of Transformation Canada, the Lead Pastor of Freedom House in Brantford, Ontario and the Chair for ONEchurch Brantford. Brian has been very engaged with business and politics for many years, as both a passion and as a strategic process towards city transformation. Brian is also the founder and owner of Leadership By Design, a consulting company working with individuals and groups to enhance personality, passion and performance. He has been described as passionate, compassionate, courageous, direct and tenacious. Brian is married to Sharlyss and they live in Brantford, ON.


Marv Franz

Marv is the Principal of New Vantage and helps executive leaders and boards bring about organizational transformation by establishing strategic direction and strengthening leadership and organizational culture. His consulting work with the Municipality of Durham Region near Toronto helped them to achieve the Governor General’s 2015 Order of Excellence. He has co-authored a book, The Inspired Workplace: How Building Community at Work Unlocks Organizational Potential. Marv has taught as a business lecturer, consulted through the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics, and has provided training for deputy ministers through the Conference Board of Canada. Marv lives with his wife Christine and three children in Waterloo, Ontario.

Lead Instructor

Tim Schindel

Tim is the Founder and President of Leading Influence, a national non-profit that is focused on providing emotional and spiritual support to elected leaders across Canada. Tim has served as a Leadership Coach and Regional Pastor for his church organization and is a past-President of the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce. Tim is married to Barb, has three adult children, and lives in Victoria, BC.

Program Director & Facilitator

Jim Foster

Jim is Life Coach and Leadership Developer and provides leadership facilitated learning solutions for Christian leaders living and working in challenging environments such as in the political office, business, or in intercultural settings. He helps leaders live from their core passions, strengths, and life purpose, while also coaching their spiritual formation and ministry empowerment in the workplace. Jim is married to Sharon and lives in Toronto, Ontario.

Course fee - $2499. Early Bird 10% Discount until October 9. Use code "earlybird10" at Registration.

The Course Starts on October 19.

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